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Ukulele Android Application

I have tried many “music”/”ukulele” related Android apps. Some are good, some are bad. These are some free must-have Android Apps that all ukulele users should have:

  • Ukulele Tabs (allow you to search for song tabs, require internet access, con: no lyrics)
  • DaTuner Lite (chromatic tuner, con: sometimes my phone freeze using this app…)
  • gStrings (chromatic tuner, con: sometimes my phone freeze using this app too…)
  • My Ukulele (*BEST* virtual ukulele, quite handy if you don’t have a uke around)
  • Ukulele Chords (an app that provides chord shapes)
  • Ukulele Fretboard (similar to Ukulele Chords)
  • Ukulele Tuner (an app that only plays gCEA tune, good if you want to tune by ears)
  • Mobile Metronome (I have tried a few metronome app and so far, this one is the best)
There are a few “combined” tuner/metronome/chord apps, but they are not working nearly as well as the separate ones (especially when you are comparing those metronomes to Mobile Metronome). Plus those ones are made for guitar, so to change to gCEA tuning… that’s a pain.

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