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Bake Pop

Remember my kitchen porn post? I saw this similar product and end up buying it…

First time was bad because I was using home-made cake-mix and they are “half pop”… not expanding enough.

This is my second try… Still not successful because it sticks onto the bottom, 5 out of 18 broke when I removed them from pan… Still need to try again.

Well, they expand so much, they pop-through the top and I end up having tasty cake-cup. So, overall, it’s not too bad.

I will keep trying until they are perfect and I can sell them in my future cafe.


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My Beginner Ukulele Lessons

These are some of the materials i used to teach absolute ukulele beginners:

lesson 1 – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary Had A Little Lamb & London Bridge Is Falling Down

lesson 2 – C scale & Oh McDonald Had A Farm

lesson 3 – Happy Birthday & Brahms’ Lullaby

lesson 4 – Sound of Music Do-Re-Me Tab

I just realized today that the alphabet song == twinkle twinkle little star… It blew my mind…

And I am having a play group (free absolute ukulele workshop from me) on March 25 afternoon (time: 2:00pm) at Pacific Centre Mall (Granville Skytrain) Food Court. We will be covering lesson 3 and 4 + one chord song (Just the way you are – Bruno Mars, chords by Ukulele Strummer). Anyone is welcome to join even if you don’t know me in person. Bring your uke, or we can go Tomlee Music together to get one before the meeting!

Edit… March 17:
I am sick today… probably still am tomorrow… so workshop is postpone to March 25.


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