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paddingLeft vs paddingStart

So, in the last few days, several teammates have asked me what is the difference between paddingLeft and paddingStart. So, I have written this to document my experience.

Why use paddingStart?

paddingRelative, paddingStart and paddingEnd are added in API 17 to support RTL devices. When your phone is switched to a RTL language, every view should be a mirror image of LTR mode.

In a LTR language, paddingStart is on the left and paddingEnd is on the right. In a RTL language (Arabic, Hebrew), it’s the opposite. If you only define paddingLeft and paddingRight and not start and end, then the layout would not be a mirror image in a RTL phone.


LTR language phone


RTL language phone


When to use paddingStart?

paddingStart and paddingEnd are equivalent to paddingLeft and paddingRight in API 17+ devices. Remember to add paddingStart and paddingEnd in these situations:

  • When paddingLeft and paddingRight are different.
  • Your app needs to support API 17+ devices with RTL.


How to use paddingStart and paddingEnd?

  • If paddingLeft and paddingRight are the same, you are done.
  • Otherwise, wherever you see a paddingLeft, put a paddingStart with it, same for right-end.
  • Do not remove paddingLeft and paddingRight from xml file (until the day we decide we will stop supporting API 16- devices).
        android:paddingLeft="@dimen/start_padding" />


I used paddingStart and paddingEnd and now QA tells me that my padding is broken in ICS/JB devices.

RTL support is added in API 17, so it’s still necessary to define paddingLeft and paddingRight in your xml. paddingStart and paddingEnd will override those values in API 17+ device.

Ok, it fails the lint test. Are you lying to me?

As I have said in “Why use paddingStart?”, paddingStart (etc) are added in API 17. So it’s normal for lint test to fail. Here’s a few solutions:

  • Equal left and right paddings
    • If left padding is equal to right padding, then we don’t need to define start and end paddings.
  • Suppress the lint error
  • Have a separate style file
    • Define a values-v17 folder
    • Place start and end in values-v17
    • Keep left and right in values.
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Chocolate Tour @ San Francisco

Last weekend I went to San Francisco to stay at Maria’s. We went on the chocolate tour. More pictures, less text. So much fun…

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How to uninstall HP Utility on a MAC

Got a new Espon printer after my HP dies, but I can’t seem to remove the HP Utility in my LaunchPad… Took a while for me to figure out. (Most of the links I Googled suck.)

Just because HP sucks and it hides its HP Utility app somewhere, doesn’t mean you cannot install the redundant program.

  1. Remove your printer.
    1. Go to “Printers and Scanners”. (I did a quick spotlight search. You can go there through System Preference.)
    2. Select your old HP printer and then hit the ‘-‘ sign.
  2. Remove the HP folder.
    1. The path is “/Library/Printers/hp”.
    2. If you can’t find it, just go to your document. Then from the bottom select “Macintosh HD”. You should be able to navigate your way to the folder.
    3. Move it to Trash.
  3. Remove the gz files in PPDs folder.
    1. The path is “/Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources”.
    2. Delete only the gz files relative to your deleted printer.
  4. Try to look for other HP files in your Library.
    1. I found a few files in Image Capture folder. I believe this  is depending on your printer model.
  5. Delete shortcut in LaunchPad (Applications) folder.
    1. In Finder, open Applications folder.
    2. Under Utilities, you will see the shortcut link to HP Utility.
    3. Delete that too.
  6. Empty Trash.
  7. Run Disk Utility (spotlight search it or find it under Utility in launch pad).
    1. Select Macintost HD
    2. Click on Verify Disk Permission.
    3. When it’s done, click on Repair Disk Permission.
  8. Restart your Mac

Now you are done!


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Beautiful Arizona

I miss sunshine. Phoenix is just so beautiful. Probably gonna visit again in June before work starts.

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Brunch with Yolanda at Sunshine Diner

Yolanda with her Hello Kitty Phone Case

Went to The Sunshine Diner with Yolanda this morning for brunch. -> This place <- Food is pretty nice~ I really like the BC Benny, but the fries is a bit cold. Yolanda didn’t really like the Omelette, but I tried it. I think it’s ok too.Hot Chocolate is average. I will definitely go again, just to try the other Bennies.

My Hot Chocolate

Half Order Benny with Home Fries

Yolanda’s Order – Mushroom and Bacon Omelette with Brown Toast

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Pichu from Adrian


I am a Pichu collector… People who are travelling to Japan, (yes, I am implying you, Crystal) buy me more Pichu… Please……….


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If you have a 0123456789+-*/ number pad? Ever try to click on those keys at the same time? If you click two buttons at once, you will probably get your “key combo” in this order “*9.1+30/-275468″…

ie, if you click “1”, “2” and “3” at once, you will get “132”, if you click “4”, “5” and “6” at once, you will get “546”, and if you click “7”, “8” and “9” at once, you will get “978”.

I guess this is because of the “sensor” under the keyboard response this way (or the PCB circuit/microcontroller-button response time)… oh well, this is how bore I am at work… I am so bored, I actually play with my keyboard. Back to software testing now!


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My new EMUS ukulele


Not as perfect as the black one Thomas got, but still very good quality.

Crystal… remind me to return yours.


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Hand Building With Clay class

If I take that class 10 more times and make some cups, I dont need to buy cup for my cafe…

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My Trip to Storybrooke on February 5

Went to Once Upon A Time’s Storybrooke (Steveston, Richmond, BC, near Vancouver) on Feb 5! They weren’t filming, so lots of the signs were taken off… Took lots of photos, here’s a few:


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