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HK Trip 2013 – Day 2 ~ Going EVERYWHERE

Walked a lot today~ First, went to Prince Edward / Mong Kok… Visited the Gold Fish street and Women’s Street. Then went to Tsim Sha Tsui and bought a new Ukulele ~ aNueNue U900II. Then took the ferry to Central and tram to North Point to meet with my family for Korean BBQ Dinner.

Haven’t got a name for my uke yet. Because this is my fifth, I am making a promise to myself. I WILL NOT BUY MORE UKE WITHIN THE NEXT 10 YEARS! (except if I go to Hawaii or all 5 of them broke.)

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My Beginner Lessons 3 – Rainbow Connection (Low G Ukulele)

Transposed the song to G so it fits the G Chord-version from Ukulele Mike.

Side note – More TuxGuitar experiment: Apparently, using the “Print” function will generate a nicer-looking PDF than “Export to PDF”.

lesson 07 – Rainbow Connection (Low G) originally from The Daily Ukulele by Jumpin’ Jim
*You do need a Low G ukulele to play this.*

-> High G version (in C Major) <-

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My Beginner Lessons 3 – Rainbow Connection

Transposed + transformed another song from The Daily Ukulele by Jumpin’ Jim. This time, I used TuxGuitar… not as good as PowerTab I think. Damn, I need better software… It is time to try guitar pro?

lesson 07 – Rainbow Connection (I learn the G version in my ukulele class. The book is in F. My uke is high G and doesn’t go that low, so I have to transpose to C.)

The original song with the original singer – Kermit the Frog (Jim Henson)


Guido teaches Ukulele Mike version in class

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What I did on 19th

I went to Ruby’s Ukes and spent two hours in their clawhammer workshop. There were about fifteen people at the workshop. It’s pretty fun. 🙂 Highly recommend it if it’s held again!

Guy playing ukulele is my ukulele teacher Guido, doing Snowbird with Clawhammer technique.

If you are wondering what the hell clawhammer is…

IMO, I have learnt more in Guido two-hour workshop. It’s more interesting to learn with people are around.


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McDonald’s I’m lovin’ it – Ukulele Tab

Best key would be in C, but my uke is high G, so it doesn’t go that low. I end up having it in E-flat.



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My dear Rosemary has arrived

She has finally arrived. She is a Kala Concert Travel Ukulele. She’s so sexy, it hurts!

Oh ya, and it comes with this really sexy case.

If you want to buy one, check it out on, but I think they are out of stock for now (but it’s available in soprano and tenor size).

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My Beginner Lessons 2

I have bought The Daily Ukulele by Jumpin’ Jim and transform the music notes into ukulele tab (I have also transposed some parts so it will fit for a high G ukulele). It’s really an amazing book. Some songs are old, but it’s very good for beginners. You will eventually learn to love this book. Songs included are “Don’t worry, Be happy”, “Hey Jude”, “Close To You”, “Tonight You Belong To Me”, “Que Sera, Sera” and a bunch of Christmas songs. They give you the chords and the singing parts in music notes.

I did the transform and transpose by hand, big thanks for this book. Please support the original book and buy it if you enjoy playing 1 song everyday without thinking/picking.

You can find my tablatures here:

lesson 04 – The Sound Of Music – Do Re Mi

lesson 05 – Disney’s It’s a Small World

lesson 06 – Dream a Little Dream of Me

I will do a proper ukulele book review later. (So far, I have four books.)


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My Mug

Even my mug plays ukulele

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Gladys 寫真

My first ukulele (a red Mahalo) is called Ruth. My second one (Kala Travel Ukulele Concert) is called Rosemary. – I still haven’t received it from Tomlee… sad. My third one is this baby – purple EMUS. Her name is Gladys.

My next one will be called Irving. It’s either a Eleuke Peanut or a Risa Solid (no idea which size…) Still saving up. It’s €200.


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Ukulele Android Application

I have tried many “music”/”ukulele” related Android apps. Some are good, some are bad. These are some free must-have Android Apps that all ukulele users should have:

  • Ukulele Tabs (allow you to search for song tabs, require internet access, con: no lyrics)
  • DaTuner Lite (chromatic tuner, con: sometimes my phone freeze using this app…)
  • gStrings (chromatic tuner, con: sometimes my phone freeze using this app too…)
  • My Ukulele (*BEST* virtual ukulele, quite handy if you don’t have a uke around)
  • Ukulele Chords (an app that provides chord shapes)
  • Ukulele Fretboard (similar to Ukulele Chords)
  • Ukulele Tuner (an app that only plays gCEA tune, good if you want to tune by ears)
  • Mobile Metronome (I have tried a few metronome app and so far, this one is the best)
There are a few “combined” tuner/metronome/chord apps, but they are not working nearly as well as the separate ones (especially when you are comparing those metronomes to Mobile Metronome). Plus those ones are made for guitar, so to change to gCEA tuning… that’s a pain.

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